API-Centric, No-Code
Loyalty Cloud

Manage experience-based, paid and lifestyle
loyalty programs wherever your customers are:
online, in-store, or on the go.

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for Loyalty
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Q4 2022
Loyalty Technology
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Antavo is a pure-play loyalty program technology vendor that strives to deliver a best-in-class product. We reinvest 60% of our revenue into our platform and have issued quarterly product releases since 2018.

Antavo's product offering.

No-Code Antavo Platform to
manage your loyalty program

Integrations for your
eCommerce platform

POS Integration to
identify customers and
track purchases

Mobile Passes as
digital loyalty cards

Quick time-to-market with easy to understand APIs powering your mobile experience

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Quotation regarding Antavo

...澳洲幸运5开奖号码结果手机版 retailers want to engage the people who go to the store [… and] want to know their customers better — Antavo helps to achieve this.”

Improve your KPIs
Achieve True Loyalty




increase in
customer retention


in AOV


average response
across all services

Based on overall client statistics.

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When Powered by Antavo?

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True Omnichannel

Most loyalty solutions focus solely on eCommerce. Alongside strong online capabilities, Antavo offers in-store and mobile technologies to bridge the gap between online and offline.

Emotional and Lifestyle
Loyalty Capabilities

Encourage valuable behaviors and establish lasting brand love by rewarding customers for living in accordance with their ideals, values, and aspirations.

10 Loyalty Program

Choose from a variety of solutions to suit your brand. Impress customers with gamification and experience-based concepts, and engage them outside of the buying cycle.


Thanks to its API-centric nature, the loyalty program experience is fully customizable and easy to integrate. Antavo’s no-code approach reduces reliance on IT teams.

Secure and

Data security is a cornerstone for Antavo, with data protection based on ISO standards and a cloud-based technology that enables full scalability.

Product Portfolio

We Work
Alongside Your
Marketing Stack

Antavo's platform integrates seamlessly with your marketing stack, empowering your activities with loyalty data.

Check out our integrations
The benefits of a loyalty program software.
Logo line of companies whose integrations Antavo is currently working with. Logo line of companies whose integrations Antavo is currently working with.

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