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Operation Pollinator

Creating essential wildflower habitats to restore pollinators in agricultural and golf course landscapes.

What is Operation Pollinator?

Operation Pollinator is a global Syngenta initiative that helps restore pollinators in agricultural, golf course and other landscapes by creating essential habitats. Developed by Syngenta more than 15 years ago, this research-based program uses specially selected wildflowers to attract a variety of pollinators and increase biodiversity.

The program is conducted through collaboration with key stakeholders for wildflower seed mixtures, with Syngenta providing agronomic expertise and resources. Through Operation Pollinator, farmers, golf course superintendents and land managers strengthen the environment through a sustainable approach to biodiversity. In addition to helping restore vital populations of pollinators, Operation Pollinator provides habitats for small mammals and birds.

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Research shows farmers can achieve clear benefits through effective plant selection and management. Results from Operation Pollinator indicate pollinators respond positively when specially selected wildflower mixes are planted in key locations around the farm. With careful site planning and management, in addition to restoring vital populations of pollinating insects and other biodiversity, Operation Pollinator can significantly reduce soil erosion and help protect valuable water resources from soil and nutrient pollution.

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Golf course management

Operation Pollinator provides golf course superintendents with tools and information needed to successfully establish and manage attractive wildflower resources crucial to pollinators. It also enhances the visual appearance of courses and the overall playing experience. Golf courses around the country are well-suited to establish and preserve pollinator habitats.

Syngenta is working with superintendents and courses around the country, including Marriott Golf, to establish Operation Pollinator plots. The program helps advance sustainable golf course management, while improving and enhancing the natural habitat for pollinators. It introduces specially selected wildflowers to attract bees and other pollinating insects to out-of-play areas. Currently, there are more than 300 Operation Pollinator sites on golf courses across the U.S.

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Additional Operation Pollinator Resources

Syngenta wants to increase broader awareness and adoption among farmers, golf course superintendents and land managers in the U.S. For information, download the Operation Pollinator brochures below:
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