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Sustainability 101: Redefining the Future of Agriculture

The Syngenta sustainability story began when we founded our company which is intentional and proactive in protecting people and the planet. It continued in 2013, with the launch of the Good Growth Plan, and continues today with our Sustainability Champions.

Sustainability At A Glance

Sustainability: what does it mean? In crop agriculture, being sustainable means being able to grow crops season after season for generations to come while protecting the health of the planet and its people. At Syngenta, we know sustainability in crop agriculture requires three things: farmers to be successful, the environment to be protected and society to be assured.

Sustainability is part of everything we do at Syngenta. We embed sustainability into the core of our business operations to create shared benefit for the business, value chain and society.

We define sustainability in agriculture to include

three interconnected people



the sun, a leaf, and a water droplet


Total ecosystem

a bag of money with a plant sprouting from the top

Profit Potential

For farmers

a man crouched down in a field planting

Sustainability Champions

These are people who commit themselves and their organizations to developing solutions that advance the three-pronged goal of helping farmers succeed, protecting the environment and assuring society we are focused on meeting their long-term needs.

To achieve sustainability, Syngenta is focused on:

  • Principles of sustainable agriculture
  • Products we innovate for farmers
  • Collaborations we seek and maintain with other like-minded organizations
  • Production in our own operations and those of our supply chain
Read about our sustainability champions
row crops being watered

Syngenta Principles of Sustainable Ag

We have set five guiding principles focusing on interaction among technologies, farmers and the local environment:

  • Develop solutions for safe and nutritious food, feed, fibers and fuel
  • Improve soil health for climate-resilient agriculture
  • Enhance well-being
  • Protect natural resources
  • Promote open communication, collaboration and shared value

Product Innovation

As the world’s population continues to expand and is expected to reach 9 billion by 2050, farmers must increase and accelerate productivity to nearly double current food production. There is no more land or fresh water available for cultivating crops, so farmers must increase yield, continually enhance soil and preserve water to meet the growing demand for seasons to come.

Syngenta enables farmers to succeed by providing innovative solutions to help them stay ahead of the evolving challenges they face from nature every season: managing weeds, insects, plant disease and unpredictable weather.

An important part of on-farm sustainability is measurement and monitoring. Our Digital Ag Solutions enable farmers to measure and evaluate their sustainability performance across six indicators:

sprouting plant wrapped in an arrow

Biodiversity and Habitat

three people

Community Leadership

Human and Animal Health


Optimal Production

rippling water

Water Impact

soil below ground

Soil Health