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Maximize California Citrus Grove Performance

Managing California citrus groves to their highest potential requires preventive management from root to fruit. Whether it’s preventing Phytophthora root rot or controlling Asian citrus psyllid, pest and disease management plans must be timely and effective, as well as provide improved earnings. Your goal is to maximize commercially viable production with high yield and quality potential. Let us help with our innovative solutions.


Don't let problem pests like thrips and Asian citrus psyllid compromise your citrus production. Trust Syngenta to help you defend your lemon, orange and grapefruit trees with a crop protection plan that includes the best insecticides and fungicides for citrus. Explore data, user experiences and recommendations for driving high performance in your groves.



Protect your groves by reducing pressure from pests such as Asian citrus psyllid, rust mites and leafminer for higher quality yield potential. Boosting citrus root health and effectively managing disease threats like Phytophthora root rot will also bolster tree longevity, reduce stress and increase yield potential. Browse the data below to see how our products perform in California citrus groves.

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